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Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Blank Blade for Knife Making Supplies "(BB103)

Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Blank Blade for Knife Making Supplies "(BB103)

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      Beautiful Handmade Damascus Steel Blank Blade for Knife Making Supply  

The handmade Damascus steel knife blade is made out of Damascus steel, which has 512 layers and hard higher carbon steels welded to many soft lower coarser ones. The pattern is designed, and the blade is forged-welded, twisted, drilled, flattened, grounded, and forge-welded some more. The stack of steel is formed into a billet, and these billets or bars are then used to make a forged steel blank. 

First, the steel for your blade must reform into billets or bars which can then become knives themselves with more finishing processes like etching bluing to reveal an attractive pattern on their surface before they're finally tempered & sharpened ready!

This is a catalog picture. You will receive the steel blanks for knife making as shown in the picture but the blade patterns and handle material may vary slightly.

Key Features

  • This Knife skinner is 8.0” inches long
  • The Blade of the knife skinner is 4.0” inches long
  • The Handle of the knife skinner is 4.0” inches long
  • The design is a Twisted pattern 
  • This Blank blade contains 512 layers of hard higher carbon steel
  • Rockwell hardness is 58-60 HRC
  • Pin Hole Size: 3/16" Pin Hole ------- 7/32" Lanyard Hole
''All of our Blades are 100% hand crafted. True quality material used to form the blade. The handle materials, blade steels,  Great handle fitting, exception sharp edge, nicely balanced grasp''

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