Collection: Viking Axe

Viking Axe

The hand-forged carbon steel Viking axe was one of the most important tools used by the Vikings. It was used for a variety of tasks, including chopping wood, hunting, and combat. The axe was made by heating and hammering a piece of metal into the desired shape. The head of the axe was usually made from iron, while the shaft was often made from wood. Vikings placed a great deal of importance on their axes, and they often decorated them with intricate designs. The hand-forged carbon steel Viking axe was a versatile and essential tool that played a vital role in the lives of the Vikings.

Our Viking Axe is a great choice for any outdoor adventure.It was used to cut trees and clear land for farming. The Vikings would also use it to clear forests for hunting. The axe was also used in battle by the Vikings as well as used as an everyday tool such as cutting wood for fires or chopping down trees for shelter.